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Sam Lai – Hour Loop CEO

What is the corporate culture of Hour Loop?

Hour Loop has an open corporate culture with a flat organizational structure. Employees are encouraged to share new ideas that can improve work efficiency or contribute to team performance. People can have one-on-one discussions with their supervisors directly. We love direct communications and do not have hierarchical barriers. If you appreciate a fast-paced, flat organizational structure, and a culture that values teamwork, Hour Loop is definitely your top choice to accelerate your career development.

What is our organizational structure?

Hour Loop has a flat organizational structure with five departments under CEO: HR, Business, Operations, Finance, and Engineering. Each department has specialized sub-teams underneath. There are only 3 layers between CEO and entry level employee. The roles of Project Assistant or Project Manager fall under the Operations team, while the role of Business Manager is part of the Business team.

Is it possible to submit application at Hour Loop without experience in e-commerce?

Hour Loop always provides you with a stage to showcase yourself regardless of your past experience. You will have a fulfilling career here if you are good at thinking independently and teamwork, excel in data analysis to support your ideas, and enjoy in a fast-paced environment. When submitting your resume, please include both a Chinese and English autobiography along with your CV, as this can expedite the screening process and help you secure an interview opportunity sooner.

What is the interview process like? What do I need to prepare in advance?

Our HR will review your work experiences. Candidates meeting the requirements will undergo a phone interview first, followed by 2 rounds of online or on-site interviews. The first stage will be a "group interview", and the second round will be a panel interview. Through diverse interview procedures, we assess each candidate's soft and hard skills, including leadership, stress resistance, data analysis abilities, and more.

What kind of traits are suitable for Hour Loop?

Hour Loop's core corporate culture is encapsulated in the phrase "Think BIG." In the ever-evolving environment, the ability to think outside the box and gain insights into market trends to offer valuable perspectives is highly valued by us. Furthermore, we do not carry the burden of traditional corporate hierarchy. We welcome ambitious, self-driven individuals who are eager to learn and are committed to their own growth. Join us on the journey towards becoming the top global seller on Amazon.

Does Hour Loop offer any training courses for new employees?

Hour Loop provides a comprehensive new hire training lasting for 1 to 1.5 months. During this period, mentoring is offered to assist new employees in integrating into the company's corporate culture and job responsibilities.

What is Hour Loop's benefits package?

We offer a benefits package that includes three festival bonuses, KPI bonuses, year-end bonuses, profit sharing, and annual salary adjustments. We also have flexible working hours and more flexible leaves when you exceed certain tenure. In addition to various welfare and recreational activities organized by the Employee Welfare Committee, our offices in different locations provide free coffee and snacks. Female employees are entitled to three days of paid menstrual leave per year.

What is Hour Loop's working hour system?

All employees enjoy a flexible working hour system, with a standard 40-hour workweek and two days off per week. The regular office hours are from 10:00 to 16:00 on weekdays, and the rest of the time can be arranged for remote work. Depending on the role and job responsibilities, employees may have the option to work from home for one day per week or per month.

Where will be the work location?

Currently, there are four offices in the north, central, and south regions, and the location for work will be determined based on the location of the job vacancy.
・Kaohsiung Office (Headquarters): 3rd Floor, No. 251, Minquan 1st Road, Xinxing District, Kaohsiung CityGoogle Map
・Taipei Office: 14th Floor, No. 97, Songren Road, Xinyi District, Taipei CityGoogle Map
・Taichung Office: 18th Floor, No. 489, Section 2, Taiwan Boulevard, West District, Taichung CityGoogle Map
・Tainan Office: Room 1-53, 10th Floor, No. 1, Zhonghua Road, Yongkang District, Tainan CityGoogle Map

Hour Loop's promotion system? Is there an internal rotation mechanism?

Hour Loop offers a transparent and flexible promotion pathway, taking into account employees' performance and job expertise. Employees can request an internal rotation after serving in the same department for one year. The rotation request is jointly reviewed by the department supervisor and the HR team. The rotation can occur between departments or within the same department. Both the promotion and rotation systems are transparent and disclosed, and we highly encourage and welcome employees with outstanding performance who aspire to take on managerial roles or pursue internal rotations.